THS5STAR ROMA Suitcase Set 3tlg. silver

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  • Brand: THS5STAR
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  • Size: 51 x 28 x 78 cm
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TSA Castle

TSA Castle. In many countries standard, The suitcase can be opened at the airport by customs officers for security reasons. The THS5STAR ROMA suitcase has a TSA lock. This way the suitcase can be opened by customs without damaging the suitcase.

360 ° Light Running rollers

All suitcases come with 360 degrees of light running wheels, so the suitcase is easier to move.

High end material

The case is made of polycarbonate.  Polycarbonate is strongly bending or resilient. Not like ABS plastic that breaks  at heavy loads.

Edge Protection

The black plastic corners protect the THS5STAR suitcase and at the same time give it a good recognition value. So you will find your suitcase easier when picking up luggage after fly.

Safety Zipper

Cheap zippers can be opened very easily by thieves sticking a screwdriver into the gearing and thus pulling the zipper within a few seconds. With good zippers this is not possible because the gearing is triple strong. However, these are also expensive accordingly.


4 feet give the suitcase a secure stand and protect against scratches and dirt.


Mini:    35 cm x 54 cm x 21 cm

Big:       40 cm x 64 cm x 24 cm

Jumbo: 48 cm x 77 cm x 30 cm

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